Cheerson CX-10 Review: Fun Little Quad

cheerson cx-10 review

cheerson cx-10The Cheerson CX-10 is the reason this blog exists.

And it is the reason I have random quadcopter parts being flown in from all over the world to my house. The plan is to build a bigger quad. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

That’s not to say the thing is perfect, but it is a lot of fun.

The Good

  • Great for indoor flying. Due to its small size, you can fly the CX-10 in fairly cramped areas.
  • Charging time. For some reason I had in my head that it would take 1 hour to charge the battery. But it actually charges in about 15 minutes.
  • Well-designed charging cable. It has a built-in LED that tells you when the quadcopter is fully charged.
  • Durability. I’ve crashed. A lot. And the thing still flies.  I haven’t even had to replace the props yet.
  • Flips. Just push a button and move the joystick and the quad flips.  My kids love this move.

The Bad

  • Not so great for flying indoors. Due to its small size, it has trouble with even a little bit of wind.
  • The user manual. The one that comes in the box is almost useless. (Here is a better version.) It reads like somebody took Google Translate and translated it from Chinese to French.  And then to Spanish.  And then to German.  And then to English. Like this, basically:

CX-10 Flying Tips

I had never flown a quadcopter before the CX-10.  It took some getting used to.

The first few times I would get a few inches off the ground and then crash. Okay, more than a few times.

I was surprised how long it took me to become decent at flying. I’m not sure if other quads are easier to learn or not.

The general start-up procedure is (for a mode 2 transmitter):

  1. Put the quadcopter on a level surface and turn it on. The lights on the quad will flash indicating it is ready.
  2. With the right joystick centered and the left joystick down, turn the controller on. The quad will beep twice.
  3. Push the left joystick up as far as you can. The quad will beep.
  4. Push the left joystick back down. The quad will beep again and the lights will stop flashing.

At that point, you are ready to fly.

But before you fly, I suggest you push the left joystick button in twice.  After the first time you should hear 3 beeps.  After the second push you should hear 1 beep. This will put the quadcopter in beginner mode.  Basically it just makes the joysticks a little less sensitive.

If you’ve never flown a quad before, my suggestion is to take it slow. Don’t use large movements of the joystick.

Start by ignoring your right hand and just slowly increase the throttle (left hand, up) until the CX-10 gradually rises off the ground. Just bring it a foot or two off the ground and then land it again. (If the quadcopter drifts to the left, right, front, or back,  you will need to adjust the trim.)

Practice until you can take off, hover for a while and then land in the same spot.   I’m embarrassed to say how many times I crashed just trying to do that.

After that, you can start moving forward and backward. Then left and right.

Buy It


You can usually pick it up for around $15.

If you’ve never flown a quad before, it’s a great one to learn on.

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