Top 10 Best Drone Books for 2017

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I’ve been working my way through as many books on drones and quadcopters that I can. The quality of these are hit or miss. Some are very good and some are just horrible. Most good information in this hobby is still found in forums and Youtube videos. The problem with that, though, is that the information is scattered all over the place. A good book, if you can find one, takes care of that problem.  Below are some of the top books about drones that I’ve found.

Getting Started with Hobby Quadcopters and Drones by Craig Issod

This book is meant for beginners and it does a good job going over the basics of the hobby.  It also gives a lot of good tips that you may not think about when you are first starting out.  The section on troubleshooting and the glossary are especially helpful.  Craig blogs at Drone Flyers.

Drones for Dummies by Mark LaFay

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This was the first “… for Dummies” book I’ve ever read.  This is a decent book for the beginner and the author states that it is for people with zero experience flying drones.  The book is also meant for people who are interested in ready-to-fly (RTF) drones, not DIY quads.  So anything you would buy off-the-shelf that you can take out of the package and fly.  My one problem with the book is that it had a few technical mistakes (for example, it talked about batteries storing power when batteries actually store energy).  I wouldn’t just sit down and read this book straight through – it is probably better to be used as a reference guide for beginners.

A Beginner’s Guide to FPV by Alex Protogerellis

beginner's guide to fpv - ProtogerellisThis is a short book but it is worth it. This book is aimed at people who have flown their drones LOS (line of sight) before but haven’t delved into FPV. It’s a great introduction but also gets into a few advanced issues, too. The author walks you through a few different FPV setups, which is helpful.

Drone University by John Glover

drone university gloverIn this book Glover goes over all the major parts of a quadcopter. At times the content was a little “thin” and the book could have used an editor but overall it does a good job of providing an overview for the beginner. There’s also a lot of other information regarding things like safety and federal regulations that many people will find helpful.

How to Build a Quadcopter Drone by Duncan Still

how to build a quadcopter drone - StillThis is another book that is aimed for the beginner. (To be honest, once you get past the beginner-stage with this hobby, you will have to look for information online. Forums, blogs and YouTube videos are best for the more advanced hobbyist.) If you follow this book, you should be able to build your own quadcopter.

DIY Drones for the Evil Genius: Design, Build, and Customize Your Own Drones by Ian Cinnamon

diy drones for the evil geniusThis book consists of 40 “Projects” that help teach you about quadcopters. It covers the basic physics of flight, the different parts of drones, how to build, FPV and then gets into things like hexacopters and octocopters. As with other Make books, the quality of the book is high, especially compared many of the other drone books that are self-published. You can visit the website for the book here.

Make: Drones: Teach an Arduino to Fly by David McGriffy

make drones teach an arduino to flyI really enjoyed this book.  This book is written for the DIY’er in mind.  The author goes through all the different parts of a quadcopter and discusses all the steps you need to take in order to make your own drone.

Make: Getting Started with Drones by Terry Kilby and Belinda Kilby

getting started with drones - KilbyI like the Make series of books because they are usually thorough and have great pictures. This book is no exception. It goes through a lot of the principles of how drones work. It also includes build instructions for a building a specific quadcopter, the Little Dipper. You can visit the book’s website here.

Build Your Own Drone Manual by Alex Elliott

build your own drone - ElliotI haven’t actually read this book but I’ve heard good things about it. It covers building different kinds of drones – not just FPV racers. So it goes over drones for photography and fixed wing drones (i.e., not quadcopters). So if you are looking to build something besides a quadcopter, this book might be for you.

Drone Operator’s Logbook by Jonathan Rupprecht

I wanted to include a logbook on this list because a lot of people don’t even think about this. I don’t fly commercially but if you do, you should be using a logbook when you fly. The author, Jonathan Rupprecht, is a lawyer who specializes in drone law and has specifically made this book so that it is compliant with “14 CFR 61.51, Section 333 exemptions, and COA logbook requirements.” You can visit his website here to find a wealth of information related to drone laws.

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